Things to do in autumn with your Backyard Grass and ponds

As the air starts to gets cooler it’s an ideal time to undertake a few tasks around your backyard or patio or garden to get it looking neat and well-tended to during the winter months.

Apart from clearing the fallen leaves, there are some simple and useful tasks that can help give you a head start for spring next year.

Now, if you have a pond in your backyard there are some other things that you need to undertake to keep it winter ready:

Leaf Foliage

One of the prominent indicators of this season are the leaves falling off from the trees. While they look beautiful fallen on the ground they can be a daunting task when in water. As you might know, the process of decay is accelerated in water which might dramatically impact the pH and ecological balance of your small aquatic ecosystem.


  • Use of leaf netting: Before the onset of autumn a net cover over the pond can prevent the leaves from falling into the pond and manual extraction later.
  • Use of the traditional net: This is a manual and time intensive task that would need to be done at regular intervals; also bear in mind that in this case the bottom of the pond would also have to be cleared of the leaf debris.
  • In case you have a skimmer installed, a regular clean up is recommended as heavy leaf fall can cause clogging to it.



This would take you some time, as each plant would need to be dealt with separately. With foliage slowly dying and turning brown, cleaning each one and segregating the ones that need to be brought indoors and the ones that can survive the winter outside is first step. While some plants in water might have to be moved further inside to prevent the roots from freezing at the same time it is also true that some plants can also survive if their roots freeze solid but it is recommended that all plants be moved below the ice zone.

  • While some plants may not like to be in water all winter like the Iris & cardinals these could be removed and potted in your backyard in damp conditions. In spring when the new growth starts you could move them back to the pond.
  • Tropical plants normally last all winter if kept in tub with about five to six hours of bright light.

Aquatic life

If you have fish, in the absence of plants they might be more susceptible to predators. You could consider taking adequate measure to protect them from external predators like birds, rats etc. If you already have a leaf net installed then that should do the trick otherwise you could always consider using other traditional methods of scarecrow.

Reduced temperatures slows the metabolism of the fish hence you could always consider reducing the frequency of your feed.

Other quick tasks around the backyard or pond could be:

  • Make your own organic manure for next spring with the all the fallen leaves of this season
  • Tidy your plant borders
  • Clean and tidy all your old crops
  • Pull out & put away all your plant supporter
  • Clean out the fence
  • Clean out any molds/fungus growing as this could weaken the structure
  • Make repairs to the walls/fence or green house
  • Plant Tubers like tulips, daffodils for next spring


With these simple tips your backyard and pond will be ready to host a warm and cosy picnic on a cold, bright sunny autumn morning.